2024 09 18 Lpc Uapi MC

Kernel <-> Userspace/Init/System Management boundaries and APIs MicroConference @ LPC 24 #

We are pleased to announce the Call for Participation (CfP) for the LPC 2024 Kernel <-> Userspace/Init/System Management boundaries and APIs MicroConference.

LPC 2024 will be held in Vienna, Austria, September 18th to 20th 2024.

The focus of this microconference will be on topics related to the APIs and interfaces sitting at the boundary between the kernel and init systems/system management layers, with a special attention directed towards current pain points and omissions.

For example, issues around the current way initrd are loaded and set up between the bootloader and the kernel as we move towards immutable systems, or the interfaces provided by the kernel around the mount or cgroup or pidfd APIs as consumed by systemd or other service managers, or the uevent interactions between the kernel and udev.

Topics and Format #

We expect submissions to be either open discussions or presentations that discuss new proposals/ideas, ongoing work, or problems we are/should be solving in this space. Submissions are recommended to be 20 or 40 minutes long. Please specify the format and the desired length of your submission.

Please allow for at least 5 minutes of questions (10min preferred for the 40min slots).

Proposals #

Proposals should be sent through the LPC scheduling system at: https://lpc.events/event/18/abstracts/

Please select the “Kernel <-> Userspace/Init/System Management boundaries and APIs MC” as the track.

The CfP deadline is Friday, 5 July 2024.

Code of Conduct #

All of the presentations and discussions in our MC are held under the guidelines set in the LPC Anti-harassment policy and we expect attendees, speakers, and volunteers to follow these rules at all times.